Thursday, October 14, 2010

pic of the day: rooftops of prague.

I visited Prague in March when I was living in Rome and it was such a mystical place - it felt like some kind of gothic, bohemian Disneyland on acid. We found ourselves in the middle of this mysterious city that we knew nothing about, which made it even more of an adventure to wander around without having any clue where the hell we were going. This made for exciting discoveries down every corner we turned, whether it was the Prague castle, apparently the largest castle in the world, or the brothel by night/pool hall by day that was across the street from our hostel (and yes we arrived at night to look out our window and have that lovely view). It's always exciting that first night you arrive in a new city when you are so disoriented and don't know what to expect so your body is just on sensory overload taking in everything around you x 1000. Old Town had this toon town quality to it and the Astronomical Clock gave off this cryptic feeling, like we would be abducted into a secret society at any second. The Lennon Wall and the Dancing House building were whimsical and fanciful and the crawling babies TV tower really just exemplified how bizarre our experience there was. YES, that's how I would best describe our trip to Prague, Poland, Austria, and Germany - bizarre. Mystical, mysterious, fantastic, avant-garde, whimsical, stimulating, and bizarre.

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  1. Oh, I desperately want to go to Prague! One of my friends spent a summer there and I fell in love with the city through her photos. The sooner I can find my way back to Europe, the better!

    -kate of